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Carpet Cleaning

In-Home Wall to Wall Steam Carpet Cleaning

New Era Cleaners & LaundryWe have been offering industry leading steam cleaning since 1956 with only specifically trained and certified cleaning technicians using the most powerful truck mounted equipment and portable cleaning units and technologies available to date giving you the best cleaning.

What’s Included

  • Only 100% environmentally safe products and methods.
  • Pre-cleaning inspection for spots, stains, and areas of customer concerns to give you the best cleaning results
  • Moving of furniture
  • High temperature steam cleaning and powerful extraction for a sanitizing and residue free cleaning with carpets dry within hours.
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Post cleaning inspection for customer’s satisfaction

Additional Services for Your Wall to Wall Carpeting

  • Enzyme Deodorizer
  • Anti-soiling carpet stain protector treatment

Persian, Oriental and Loose Rug Cleaning

New Era Cleaners & LaundryWhile Persian, Oriental, and specialty rugs differ greatly from around the world, we understand the differences in construction, dyeing methods, and fiber content that determine the way your rug should be cleaned.

We take the upmost care to protect and treat your rug using tested and safe cleaning methods. We do this to assure a safe and thorough cleaning of your treasured rugs in our state of the art oriental rug and loose rug cleaning plant.

What’s Included

  • Free pickup and delivery Monday-Saturday or drop off at any of our 3 convenient locations
  • 1 week turnaround
  • Pre-inspection of rug for spots, stains, construction, dyes, and best cleaning method for your rug
  • Dusting to remove dry abrasive soils
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Gentle shampooing of rug to remove all soils and stains
  • Fringes hand cleaned and brightened
  • Final rinse to remove all soap and soiling, leaving your rug clean and residue free
  • Controlled drying
  • Hand finishing and groom of pile and fringes
  • Post cleaning inspection
  • Rolled and packaged for transportation

Additional Services

  • Anti-Soiling Fabric Protector Treatment
  • Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal
  • Custom Cut Area Rug Padding
  • Repairs-fringes, edge treatments, and hand repairs
  • Packaging for long term storage

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

New Era Cleaners & Laundry
New Era Rug Cleaning Bring your hardwoods back to life by removing deeply embedded dirt, soil, and the buildup of unwanted cleaners and polish. Using our thorough eight step cleaning and protective process, New Era can restore your hardwoods to like-new condition.

Our Cleaning Process:

  • Area Preparation: Remove all furniture
  • Pre-vacuum area
  • Apply specialized solution and agitate to lift and suspend deeply embedded soils
  • Thoroughly rinse and extract suspended soils
  • Apply neutralizer to prepare surface for protectant application
  • Apply protectant to surface
  • Post cleaning inspection
  • Re-install furniture

Furniture Cleaning

New Era specializes in the cleaning of all different types of fabrics and leathers. Our low moisture cleaning allows your furniture to be dry and ready for use within hours of cleaning on location or in-plant cleaning.

What’s Included

  • Pre inspection of fabric to determine the best cleaning method
  • Dry vacuum to remove loose soils
  • Cleaning done at your home, office or at our cleaning plant
  • Cleaned using our low moisture upholstery tool leaving your upholstery dry and ready to use within hours
  • Post cleaning inspection for customer satisfaction

Additional Services

  • Enzyme deodorization
  • Fabric protection treatment

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