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Pearl Street

Tacoma's Best Fine Dry Cleaning

Visit us at 2534 N Pearl Street in Tacoma

pearl street

For over six decades, NEW ERA has been a cornerstone of Tacoma’s community, earning a reputation for excellence in dry cleaning, laundry, and household cleaning services. Founded as a local, family-owned enterprise, it has been a trusted name, synonymous with quality and care. Since its inception, NEW ERA has been committed to meeting the diverse cleaning needs of its customers with meticulous attention to detail and personalized service.

Both the Proctor and Pearl locations embody NEW ERA’s dedication to fostering strong community connections and delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. Whether patrons are dropping off their weekly laundry or entrusting their most treasured garments for specialized care, they can rely on the expertise and reliability that have been synonymous with NEW ERA for over six decades. As pillars of their respective communities, the Proctor and Pearl branches stand as testaments to NEW ERA’s enduring commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

Pearl represents NEW ERA’s footprint in the bustling metropolitan landscape of Tacoma. Located amidst the dynamic energy of the city, the Pearl location caters to the diverse needs of urban dwellers and corporate clients with efficiency and finesse. Here, customers can experience the same level of quality and care that defines NEW ERA’s legacy, coupled with the convenience of a central location within Seattle’s vibrant business and residential districts.